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Shari SolomonCocoa Plum Nutrition and Yoga's mission is to provide a safe, non-judgmental, and compassionate place to get the best education, support, and encouragement for better health through nutrition and yoga.

Shari is dedicated to improving the world on a personal level. Helping people be healthy is one way to heal the world itself.



M.S. in Holistic Nutrition from Clayton College of Natural Health

RYT 200 hr at Yoga for Life teacher training in Framingham with Abby Schwab



National Association of Nutritional Practitioners (NANP)

American Association of Nutrition Consultants (AANC)

Yoga Alliance (YA)




Dear Shari,

When I signed up, I was looking to start from scratch and learn what, when, and how much I should be eating.  You taught me that and so much more.  I have completely changed my  thinking about nutrition and am grateful for all your thoughts and helpful tips.  You said the focus is about feeling healthy and not about the numbers so I should not be stepping on the scale.  Well, I couldn't help but to disregard that last direction and I see that I already lost 13 pounds!

Thank you,

I had desired more energy and vitality for some time, and I knew that achieving this depended on changes in my diet.  But it's so hard to break life-long habits on your own!  So, I scheduled several sessions with Shari. I feel very grateful to Shari for her clear, intelligent presentation of nutritional principles that I have now incorporated into my diet.  She introduced me to Ayurveda, helped me to determine which supplements I need, and gave me suggestions for ways to naturally reduce my elevated cholesterol count.  Thank you, Shari!




I’ve had the pleasure of taking yoga classes with Shari Solomon. She brings a calm presence and a deep kindness to everything that she does in class.  Shari understands that hatha yoga encompasses spirituality as well as physical movement – something lost among some of today’s practitioners.  Breathing exercises are incorporated throughout the session and support the poses. The poses themselves range from subtle to rigorous, but at all times Shari is mindful of the students’ comfort and their individual limitations. Practicing yoga with Shari will bring the much-sought-after results of increased physical and mental energy.

Barbara Rhines, Lincoln


Shari's gentle, peaceful nature is nurturing to the soul. Her connection to inner joy allows a deep access to this sweet place where joy just flows through you and around you.  I loved resting into the space she held and her ability to offer an intention for the practice to meet the needs of her students.

Julie, Arlington



Child in Redchild in red

Sometimes she walks through the village in her

little red dress

all absorbed in restraining herself,

and yet, despite herself, she seems to move

according to the rhythm of her life to come.

She runs a bit, hesitates, stops,

half-turns around...

and, all while dreaming, shakes her head

for or against.


Then she dances a few steps

that she invents and forgets,

no doubt finding out that life

moves on too fast.


It's not so much that she steps out

of the small body enclosing her,

but that all she carries in herself

frolics and ferments.


It's this dress that she'll remember

later in a sweet surrender;

when her whole life is full of risks,

the little red dress will always seem right.

Rainer Maria Rilke