Please peruse my upcoming events; Please scroll down for a detailed description of each event. Any of these workshops or talks can be done as private or semi-private consultations


Upcoming Workshops

  • Yoga of Compassion

Mondays, 4:30 - 5:45 pm

May 13 - June 24

Parmenter Community Health Care & Hospice
Held in their Auditorium
266 Cochituate Rd
Cost: Complimentary!
Please bring a yoga mat

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  • Keeping Bones Healthy: It's More Than Taking Calcium


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  • Talk on Avoiding Sugar: The Benefits and How-to's


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  • Talk on 4 Ways to Boost Your Immune System, Naturally


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  • Mindfulness for Weight Management


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  • Talk on The Essentials to Weight Loss


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  • Eight-week workshop on Understanding Weight Management


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  • Develop you own Yoga of Eating Practice


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A Caring Workshop: Yoga of Compassion

Yoga of Compassion is designed to promote healing after the loss of someone close through breath, meditation and poses. As you explore ways to bring compassion, loving-kindness and nurturing to yourself within the yoga practice you also learn to carry them with you “off the mat.”  With a selection of breaths, meditation and poses you are taught to release the grief and other emotions held in the body and to quiet the mind.  Mindfulness exercises are practiced to ease the pain; and inspiring ideas are shared about loss from ancient Indian philosophers to those of the present day.  Imagine having a satchel of “tools” to carry around and to comfort you wherever you may go! All are welcomed to the program, whether your loss is recent or years ago. The yoga poses will be comfortable and appropriate for beginners but those with experience are also welcomed. Please bring a yoga mat each week.



A Six-week workshop on Mindfulness for Weight Management

Let  Awareness …  not will power be your guide at the kitchen table. A mindful approach to weight management embraces meditation, breathing, imagery and conscious eating to help you become more aware of yourself. The awareness developed in this course can help you with your food choices and eating habits in your everyday life. The benefits to a meditative approach are: a calm mind, better control over emotional eating, equanimity towards sweets and fattening foods, choosing healthy over unhealthy, and gratitude.

Talk on An Introduction to 5 Core Habits to Loosing Weight

Weight loss is about 20% understanding nutrition and 80% healthy eating habits and lifestyle. Learn 5 new habits that are the basis for any weight loss program. These habits include eating six small meals every two to three hours; drinking plenty of water; balancing your diet with right nutrition; eliminating sugar from your diet; and adding exercise to your daily routine. Just awareness alone to these core habits is a big step toward managing your weight

Talk on Avoiding Sugar: The Benefits and How-to's

We all know our body is better off without sugar but how do we stop ourselves from eating it. Come find out how sugar affects weight, blood fats, inflammation and more.   Learn practical ways to trick our body and mind into having no more sugar cravings.



Eight-week workshop on Understanding Weight Management

Learn what skills you need to get to a healthy weight and stay there. Understand yourself, your eating habits, your foods, and your body; Learn to be calm and present at each meal; Discover the foods that are beneficial and the foods that are harmful; and Explore your own goals, motivation, and support.



Develop you ownYoga of Eating Practice

A Yoga of Eating practice will:

* Improve digestion
* Result in eating less
* Bring true enjoyment into the meal.

A Yoga of Eating practice features:

* Calming of the mind
* A short meditation to open up the senses.
* Connecting the mind to the body through the sights, smells, sounds, sensations, and tastes of eating.
* Gratitude for all you did for your body


Talk on 4 Ways to Boost your Immune System, Naturally

Staying healthy during cold season is more than washing your hands and sneezing into your elbow.  Learn four easy ways to boost your immune system  naturally to avoid colds, or if you get one,  to reduce its duration.  Discover the best fluids to drink, what food will boost your immune system and which foods to avoid.  Leave class with some new daily habits to promote your good health.  Several healthy foods will be included.

Talk on Keeping Bones Healthy: It's More than Taking Calcium

This is a talk on supportive ways to promote healthy bones as you age. Your nutrient intake as well as  proper digestive, balanced hormones, physical activity, and reduced stress are essential to strong bones.


Got Questions? The Nutritionist Is In

At this special event I am available to talk with you one-on-one. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about nutrition and your health.  It's a quick start to a healthier you. Each time slot is 20 minutes and you will recieve information on what foods to eat and what foods not to eat. Topics may include cholesterol, blood pressure, supplements, serving size, balanced diet.



A Caring Workshop: Healthy Habits for the Holiday Season

You struggled through the Thanksgiving weekend trying:  to stick to your diet, keep up on exercising and fit in relaxation.  Now more holidays are upon us -- Hanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Years.  In a group setting you will be able to share your experiences and get support.  A holistic nutrition consultant will discuss with you clever ways to keep you on track with choosing the healthy foods, limiting the portions, limiting the sweets, exercising and relaxing. Of course, plenty of the habits you will learn in this workshop can also be beneficial in your everyday living.